MADNESS Performance Check 2015

MADNESS Performance Check 2015

MADNESS meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. 98% of the company’s production volume is under monitoring, thus exceeding the 40% monitoring requirements for first year members.
MADNESS joined FWF in August 2014 and commissioned a FWF audit for its main supplier in November 2014 in India. The audit showed several serious CoLP violations. MADNESS immediatley followed up on the CAP with the supplier and has started to work on longtime issues such as overtime and legally binding employment relationships. A Workplace Education Programme has been scheduled at the supplier for June 2015 to enhance dialogue between factory
management and workers.

MADNESS sources 98% of its products at his main supplier, where they have a high leverage of 95%. This allows MADNESS to effectively work on improving working conditions. FWF therefore recommends MADNESS to continue CAP follow-up and conduct another audit at the supplier in 2015 to evaluate progress.

Root causes for excessive overtime should be identified and remediated, including adopting the sourcing practices of MADNESS to allow reasonable working hours. Also, FWF requires MADNESS to take a more active role in working towards higher wage benchmarks


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