Madness Performance Check 2017

Madness Performance Check 2016

In 2016, MADNESS has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 93%, MADNESS meets the monitoring requirements for members in their 3rd+ year of membership. However, in the tail end of MADNESS’ supplier base, FWF requires MADNESS to ensure it audits all production locations that are responsible for over 2% of its production volume and production locations where it is responsible for over 10% of the location’s production capacity.

MADNESS has one main supplier, which it regularly visits and works extremely closely with. The supplier has visited MADNESS’ head office and often travels together with the General Manager of MADNESS to source new materials. Despite this close relationship, in 2016 an audit found that many of the issues from the previous audit had not been remediated, despite the supplier indicating otherwise. In order to ensure steps are being taken to remediate and improve working conditions, FWF recommends that MADNESS set up formal internal processes and systems in place to check and track compliance with the CoLP and CAP follow-up.

During the past two years MADNESS has done a root cause analysis of excessive overtime and has made changes to its own production planning to mitigate the risk, including placing orders sooner, and spreading them out through the year. As one of the main findings was overtime due to late delivery of materials, MADNESS has also been working to try and bring the subcontracting processes in house, and find new customers for their main supplier in order to increase leverage at the subcontractors.

In 2016, a serious complaint was filed at MADNESS’ main supplier, which involved claims of sexual harassment. MADNESS followed the FWF complaints procedure, however the action and resolution by the supplier was slow and unsatisfactory. MADNESS is required to ensure timely and effective follow-up of remediation points identified as part of the complaints procedure, and should ensure it continues to work with its supplier to ensure the new Internal Complaints Committee set up as a result of this complaint continues to function properly.


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