Madness Performance Check 2018

In 2017, MADNESS has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. MADNESS has monitored 93% of its supply chain, and with a benchmarking score of 73, is in the ‘Good’ category.

In the past year MADNESS has focused on improving its internal structures to better support increased compliance and remediation of issues at its main supplier. Responsibility for remediation of issues found during audits now partially lies with a staff member who regularly visits the supplier, and has become a focal point of her visits. Additionally, MADNESS hired a consultant to be present in the factory three days per month, to support on remediation and provide training on the Code of Labour Practices to management and workers. This, along with the appointment of a new person at the factory as the main internal contact on social compliance, has lead to improved systems and a deeper focus on this area.

MADNESS, however, still does not have the knowledge of the production capacity at the factory, nor insight into the minutes required to make garments or the labour costs. FWF recommends that MADNESS focus on gaining more transparency from its supplier. In order to take concrete steps into addressing overtime, and to move towards payment of a living wage, MADNESS needs to know more about how its products are made and how workers are impacted by its purchasing practices.

Overall MADNESS has improved its internal management systems and now should focus on gaining greater transparency into the supplier’s practices, in order to effectively evaluate the impact of these changes.


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