Maier Sports Performance Check 2017

Maier Sports GmbH & Co KG Performance Check 2017 (FOR THE EVALUATION PERIOD 01-01-2016 to 30-06-2017)

Maier Sports has shown sufficient progress in meeting performance indicators. With a monitoring percentage of 84%, Maier Sports meets the monitoring threshold required after three years of membership. Maier Sports obtained a benchmarking score of 51 points. Therefore, FWF is placing Maier Sports in the ‘Good’ category.

This Brand Performance Check report covers the period 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2017, due to a change in financial year at Maier Sports. During this period, Maier Sports continued working with its main Turkish supplier and its three Chinese joint ventures. It maintains long-term relationships with most factories. The brand used more than 20 subcontractors to produce its garments. There were significant changes in the suppliers used for production, which severely limits Maier Sports’ ability to monitor and follow up on risks and corrective actions.

During the Brand Performance Check, Maier Sports could not always provide the necessary documentation concerning photos of the Code of Labour Practices, audit reports, audit quality assessment tools and follow-up actions. This resulted in a lower score on the indicators than in previous years. FWF strongly recommends Maier Sports to improve its management systems for documenting efforts to improve working conditions. Furthermore, the brand should develop a strategy for a sustainable supply chain that reduces the frequent change in subcontractors. Lastly, Maier Sports should invest time and resources to develop a strategy for living wages at its main suppliers.



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