Maier Sports Performance Check 2014

Maier Sports Performance Check 2014

Maier Sports meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. The monitoring threshold is 87% which exceeds the FWF requirements of 60% for brands in the 2nd year of membership.

Maier Sports’ monitoring systems provide good insights into their production locations. Ownership of some factories and joint ventures at others are combined with regular visits by the CEO and other staff to production sites.

The brand has indicated that lack of staff capacity reduced their ability to follow up on some FWF requirements and recommendations, however new staff was added in late 2013. The new staff will be responsible for overseeing FWF requirements and Code of Conduct compliance at production sites.

Seven FWF audits were conducted by FWF in 2013 at production sites of Maier Sports. While the factories were performing well on many standards, overtime and progress towards living wages remain areas for focus in the future. FWF recommends that Maier Sports enrol its suppliers in the Workplace Education Programme, to help improve worker and management awareness of the Code of Labour Practices.


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