Maier Sports Performance Check 2016

This is the Maier Sports Performance Check 2016

Maier Sports meets most of FWFs management system requirements and has 95 % of its suppliers under monitoring. This is more than the 90 % required of brands after more than 3 years of membership. With a score of 70 points, Maier Sports is in the ‘good’ category.

Maier Sports has a stable supplier base. It owns one factory in Turkey and has three joint ventures in China, all together accounting for 70% of FOB. The main factories have several satellite production locations in Turkey, China and Bangladesh. Furthermore, it sources products from Germany, Pakistan and India. The Indian suppliers only account for a very small part of the production, but Maier Sports values this long-term relationship and has a high leverage at these suppliers.

In 2015, Maier Sports focused on its main suppliers to improve on issues like excessive overtime, wages, and health and safety. It also invested in buying more efficient machinery for one of these suppliers. At its Turkish supplier, sufficient improvements have been made and only a few issues remain. Maier Sports has numerous small suppliers, where follow up on the FWF Code of Labour Practices was limited. It has not yet set up CAPs with its Indian suppliers. FWF recommends Maier Sports to continue working on excessive overtime and to take steps on more complex issues like freedom of association and collective
bargaining. Furthermore, it should also invest in knowing what kind of human rights issues are at stake at its smaller suppliers and follow up accordingly.

In the past years, communication by Maier Sports was not always in line with the FWF Communications policy, although it did respond adequately to notifications by FWF. Maier Sports has to ensure that communication remains in line with the policy.

FWF also strongly recommends Maier Sports to include more suppliers in the WEP-training sessions to increase awareness of labour standards and the FWF worker helpline among managers and workers in its factories.

Check the Maier Sports FWF page, for the latest information.

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