Maier Sports Performance Check 2018

Maier Sports has shown insufficient progress in meeting performance indicators. With a monitoring percentage of 82%, Maier Sports does meet the monitoring threshold required after three years of membership; however, Maier Sports obtained a benchmarking score of 45 points. Therefore, FWF is placing Maier Sports in the ‘Needs Improvement’ category.

Based on the interaction with Maier Sports and documents presented in the performance check, it is clear that the brand currently depends on informal processes that make it complex to proactively track and work on Code of Labour Practices (COLP) issues. Additionally, due to operational changes and related tasks taking priority, the brand was unable to dedicate the necessary time and resources to actively work on requirements indicated in the previous performance check, follow-up on corrective action plans and external audit report findings, or be responsive to complaints with reasonable turnaround time. This resulted in a lower score on the indicators than in previous years.

FWF strongly recommends Maier Sports to set-up a cohesive management system for documenting efforts, evaluating suppliers and tracking their progress to improve working conditions.

It is important that the brand dedicate resources and time to be able to actively engage and implement a holistic approach to due diligence, evaluate supplier compliance with Code of Labour Practices, work on critical issues such as excessive overtime, time record keeping issues at own production location, enhanced monitoring programme requirements and develop a strategy for living wages at its main suppliers.


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