Mammut Performance Check 2014

Mammut Performance Check 2014

Mammut meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. The total percentage of own production under monitoring is 99%.

Mammut has good knowledge of production processes and remains in long term relationships with most of its suppliers. If new suppliers are needed, a thorough investigation is undertaken into potential new suppliers, as well as an assessment of country-specific risks. Mammut has a robust sourcing and monitoring strategy wherein follow up on the code compliance of each supplier lies with the responsible sourcing

Causes of overtime at production sites is investigated, and steps have been taken to help prevent excessive overtime in the future. Worker complaints received in 2013 were handled quickly and  appropriately. In the future, Mammut should focus on investigations into root causes to prevent the issues from occurring again.

Mammut was one of the first brands to encourage its suppliers to participate in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme, with three suppliers participating in 2012/13; trainings for additional suppliers have been scheduled for 2014. FWF encourages Mammut to offer the Programme in additional production


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