Mammut Performance Check 2015

Mammut Performance Check 2015

Mammut meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. With 99%, Mammut’s monitoring percentage meets the required 90% monitoring threshold.

Mammut maintains stable supplier relationships and has a leverage of more than 10% at two-thirds of its suppliers. Furthermore, Mammut employs a strong production planning system to support reasonable working hours at its suppliers. However, excessive overtime was still found at both FWF audits conducted
in 2014. FWF therefore recommends Mammut to further analyse root causes of excessive overtime in cooperation with suppliers.

While Mammut generally conducts a thorough due diligence process before selecting new suppliers, they did not know the details of the suppliers of their Japanese distributer. Mammut has taken steps to remediate this situation. Regarding the topic of living wages, Mammut has made considerable efforts to gather information about its supply chain and possible solutions. FWF recommends Mammut to develop an action plan with key suppliers to move towards higher wage benchmarks.

Furthermore, FWF encourages Mammut to further enroll suppliers in the Workplace Education Programme to enhance awareness of worker rights and stimulate dialogue between workers and factory management.


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