Mammut Performance Check 2019

Mammut has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. The brand monitored 92% of its suppliers, which meets the required monitoring threshold after three years of FWF membership. With a score of 66 points, Mammut is placed in the ‘Good’ category.

In 2018, Mammut continued with its sourcing strategy to transfer production from China to Vietnam and Bangladesh. The brand made use of 63 production locations, which is a small decrease compared to last year. Mammut has long term relationships with its main suppliers which usually have multiple production locations in various countries. The shift in production locations by its main suppliers meant that Mammut had to build new relationships with those new factories, monitor them and follow up on labour standard violations. Mammut has a strategy in place to further reduce the total number of suppliers.
Mammut has good systems in place to monitor suppliers, evaluate their performance and assess country risks. However, the strategy chosen by Mammut and its main suppliers to change production locations continues to pose challenges in monitoring suppliers and actively following up on audit results.

In 2018, Mammut also made further progress on the topic of living wages. Using its initial research on price calculations by factories as the basis, the brand continued to research the current labour minutes per style and made an overview of the current wages paid to sewing workers in its most important factories. These are important stepping stones towards payment of a target wage in Mammut’s production locations.

Compared to the year before, Mammut seems to have better control over the sourcing practices of its Japanese subsidiary. Mammut’s purchasing department is nowadays controlling the placement of production at new suppliers by the Japanese subsidiary.


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