Manroof Performance Check 2015

Manroof Performance Check 2015

Manroof met most FWF’s management system requirements to improve working conditions. Manroof monitored 58% of its total purchasing volume, which is below the 90% required of brands in 3+ years of membership. This places Manroof automatically in ‘Needs Improvement’.

Manroof maintained stable relationship with over half of its suppliers. Manroof offered direct financial support to its main suppliers and used a local consultant to follow up on corrective action plans. As a promotional products company, Manroof found it a challenge to receive written commitments on FWF’s code from its external suppliers and its own suppliers located in low risk countries. Manroof buys relatively small amounts from a large number of suppliers, at each one Manroof has low leverage.

Manroof did not conduct any visit in 2014 to its suppliers in low risk countries. Based on the above, Manroof did not meet the monitoring requirements for low risk countries, representing some 8% of its total FOB purchases. FWF encourages Manroof to audit more of its suppliers in 2015 and bring its monitoring percentage above the 90% required from brands of 3+ years of membership. As a result, and combined with a sufficiently high benchmark score, Manroof is expected to regain ‘Good’ status. In addition, Manroof is expected to continue its efforts in China to involve more factories to join the Workplace Education Programme. In addition, Manroof is expected to ensure that factories in both high and low risk countries return the Fair Wear questionnaire and post the Code of Labour Practices.


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