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Manroof Performance Check 2017

Manroof Performance Check 2017


Manroof has met FWF’s performance requirements and has shown progress on the performance indicators. A monitoring percentage of 97 combined with a benchmarking score of 69, places Manroof in the ‘Good’ category.

Manroof has a small supplier base and works mostly with four main suppliers in China, with which they maintain long term business relationships. This allows
Manroof to work effectively on improving working conditions.

FWF encourages Manroof to develop a more formal evaluation/grading system for their suppliers to evaluate and keep track of labour violations and risks.
This evaluation should influence the decision on where to place more orders and it would help to prevent and mitigate risks. Manroof has shown progress towards resolution of existing corrective action plans. Monitoring and remediation of corrective actions at the Chinese suppliers are supported by a local consultant.

Manroof has improved the collaboration with one of their Chinese key suppliers and has shown progress on mitigating overtime hours and wage issues. Due to
close communication, suppliers are more open to inform Manroof earlier in the production process if extra time is needed for production, delivery dates can be
shifted and overtime hours could be prevented. Working hours and wage records are shared with Manroof. FWF recommends Manroof to further analyse the
root causes of excessive overtime. Another step forward has been made on the payment of statutory holidays.

For the upcoming year the challenge for Manroof is to obtain more insights in the labour cost of their products. This could support Manroof to assess the
impact of its prices on living wages and include this in price discussions with suppliers.


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