Mayerline Performance Check 2019

Mayerline has shown insufficient progress in performance indicators. The brand received a total benchmarking score of 47, which is below the minimum score needed for a ‘Good’ rating. Its monitoring percentage is 82%, which is just over the required monitoring threshold.

Mayerline had to invest a lot of time in 2018 in laying the foundations for its work with FWF. The brand developed an onboarding process for new suppliers in which due diligence is integrated from the start. While these procedures are now in place, for 2018 there is still a disconnect with what Mayerline could show that had been done for locations added in 2017 and 2018.
Mayerline needs to look closer at country-specific risks that may occur in its supply chain. It is not sufficient to request existing audit reports for suppliers located in Prato and Lombardia in Italy, or Turkey, without follow up. High risk locations need to be visited. This is also helpful in checking on potential unauthorised subcontracting. Where CAP issues have been identified in existing audit reports, the member needs to follow up on them.

FWF also expects members to take steps towards implementing living wages. Mayerline is strongly encouraged to check if its prices are able to cover the legal minimum wage, especially after an increase in wages. The next step for Mayerline is to select suppliers with which it has a close relationship to work on open costing and define the gap between wages paid and living wage benchmarks. The brand then needs to implement measures to close this gap


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