Mini Rodini Performance Check 2017

Mini Rodini Performance Check 2017

In 2016, Mini Rodini showed advanced results on FWF performance indicators and monitored 92% of its production volume, which is well above the minimum requirement of 40% for first-year members. The company reached a benchmarking score of 73, placing it in the Good category.
Mini Rodini’s sourcing strategy is guided by a ‘supplier sourcing and due diligence policy’ that includes country-specific risks. This policy addresses environmental standards and social compliance requirements for new suppliers. It includes prioritised critical risks concerning its specific product assortment, such as: unauthorised subcontracting, Syrian refugees in Turkey, child labour, abrasive blasting, and restricted movement within the Indian Sumangali system. Before choosing to work with a new supplier, the sustainability department in charge of sourcing also consults country studies, policy documents, stakeholders’ input and FWF wage ladders, as well as lessons from the UN framework on Business and Human Rights and other sources.
In order to raise awareness about the existence and the function of FWF’s worker hotline, Mini Rodini can stimulate its suppliers to participate in WEP training programmes and use the worker information cards that are available for download on FWF’s website.

Benchmarking score: 73, Percentage under monitoring: 92%, Category: Good


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