Morocco Complaint ALBIRO December 2016

Final report of a complaint in Morocco at a supplier for FWF member ALBIRO – December 2016

On 27 May 2016, a worker currently employed at a factory supplying ALBIRO claimed there were several violations, including: the employment of non-skilled workers at lower rates, not taking seniority into account for payments, lack of full payments to the Social Security Fund, deduction of transport costs from wages, and lack of holiday pay. Moreover, said the employee, these issues had not been disclosed during a BSCI audit.

The complaint was investigated in November 2016. It was found that some workers were indeed paid a lower rate, and that seniority was not reflected in the payments. Double pay slips were also found, and the payments toward the Social Security Fund were not done correctly for 14 workers. Moreover, workers were not given a permanent contract. While this is not contrary to law, FWF recommends that all workers have a written and signed contract. FWF could not establish violations regarding the deduction of transport costs, lack of holiday pay, non-payment of overtime or the employment of children.

Management at the factory indicated that currency changes, lower prices and bad investments left the factory unable to pay all necessary wages and social security costs. Therefore, FWF recommends ALBIRO to continue cooperation with the supplier, see how the supplier can be helped regarding the financial situation it is in and, most importantly investigate its own pricing policy to learn whether the prices paid support the payment of the legal minimum wages, seniority and social security.

The complainant was satisfied with the outcome of the complaints process and hopes that this process will help to bring improvements to the factory. The complainant hopes that the factory and ALBIRO will work together to uphold the law and ensure workers’ rights.


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