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Mountain Force Performance Check 2015

Mountain Force Performance Check 2015

Mountain Force meets most of FWF’s management sytem requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 99%, it also meets the required monitoring threshold for members who are members of FWF for more than three years. Mountain Force currently makes use of FWF on-garment communication, and has 2015 to get back into the ‘Leader’ position to ensure continued on-garment communication.

In 2014, Mountain Force continued its partnership with its main supplier in China and worked on establishing a new production location within Europe. In the end, this partnership did not go through, but during the process it took extensive measures to ensure social compliance requirements were met.

Mountain Force did not engage in significant audit follow-up at its main facility, even though a thorough audit did take place in 2014. It did, however, focus on streamlining its order-placement and production processes.

FWF encourages Mountain Force to actively follow up on the most recent audit at its main supplier in China along with the other FWF affiliates that source there. It also encourages Mountain Force to enroll its main supplier in the Workplace Education Program.



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