Mountain Force Performance Check 2018

In the past financial year, Mountain Force has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Mountain Force does extensive monitoring at its main supplier and, as such, has 98% of its supply chain under monitoring, meeting the requirements for FWF members in the third+ year of membership. With a benchmarking score of 77, Mountain Force has achieved leader status.

Mountain Force has a very stable supply base, with 98% of its production coming from one long-term supplier, with whom it has a very close and stable partnership. This supplier shows strong commitment to sustainability and better working conditions and has established its own code of conduct to manifest its social responsibility efforts. Also, this supplier is in frequent, open dialogue with Mountain Force to discuss issues and improvements. The most recent audit reflected specific improvements and an increase in wages for workers. Mountain Force does its production planning in conjunction with the supplier, and had postponed its deliveries to accommodate more flexible planning for its supplier. Besides those commitments, Mountain Force pays constant attention to product innovation and the best materials with an eye for detail and traditional craftsmanship. It is a niche brand that puts out a limited collection once per year.

Mountain Force, in collaboration with its main supplier, engages in meetings and conversations with stakeholders and experts in sustainability to further identify potential areas for improvement. They connected with a prominent professor of corporate social responsibility to talk and learn about possible improvements, especially in this area. Mountain Force has a small percentage of its production at a low-risk location and this year it has met the FWF monitoring requirements for this supplier as well. FWF also encourages Mountain Force to collaborate on improvements with other FWF members sourcing at the same supplier(s).

Benchmarking score: 77, % under monitoring: 98, Category: Leader


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