Myanmar Complaint Fond of Bags March 2017, Final Report

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Myanmar supplying Fond of Bags

On 15-16 March FWF has conducted an audit at the factory that produces for the FWF member company concerned. The following day, FWF received a call to the FWF helpline. The complainant informed FWF that he was told by his supervisor and manager that he and his wife (also working at the factory) were both terminated from the factory because they did not show up for work on Monday 17 March 2017. This followed after the complainant was sick and his wife accompanied him to the clinic.

FWF informed Fond of Bags about the case, who requested a response from the factory management. On 21 March, the General Manager informed FWF that the incident involved a team leader (male) and his wife. Both of them work in the same team. The team leader had been asked to work on the previous Sunday and was given time off the following Monday. The team leader failed to complete an urgent delivery with the team, and as a consequence the company received complaint from a customer for late delivery. Part of the reason was that the team leader’s wife had taken leave very often and this has negatively affected other workers working on the same team, thus causing the delay. When management tried to resolve the situation, the complainant allegedly threatened to assault a manager with a pair of scissors. Management dismissed him and gave his wife a warning for tardiness and disobedience.

FWF decided to conduct further research by conducting worker interviews in the factory. To this end, FWF investigation team visited the factory on 8 April 2017. Though denied by the complainant, several witnesses confirmed that they saw him chasing after the factory manager with a pair of scissors and yelling in a threatening manner. Given the seriousness of the violent action, FWF is of the view that the factory was justified in making its decision to dismiss the complainant. Compensation was paid to the complainant in line with the relevant national legislation. The complainant expressed that he accepted the situation and confirmed that he received the severance payment.


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