Myanmar Complaint Mammut, OSC, Deuter Dec. 2016 Final Report

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Myanmar supplying Mammut Sports Group AG, Outdoor & Sports Company Ltd, and Deuter

On 16 December 2016, FWF received an advanced notice of a report on labour conditions and social issues in the export-oriented garment industry in Myanmar. Shortly thereafter the report was also shared by SOMO with all the FWF member brands that are sourcing in Myanmar. This draft research report included findings about alleged child labour at a factory supplying several FWF member brands. FWF decided to treat this case as a complaints procedure on 4 January 2017. FWF staff conducted an interview with ALR (the organisation that conducted the worker interviews for the SOMO research) and conducted 30 off-site worker interviews before visiting the factory unannounced. During this investigation, one child worker aged 15 years and 5 days was identified. The worker has been working in the factory sewing department since 23 April 2015, and was 13 at the time of recruitment. 12 young workers, age between 16.3 to 17.8 years old, were identified as working in the factory.

The factory management team, with which the preliminary findings were shared, took the situation very seriously and was very concerned about the findings. Stakeholders reported that the use of fake and borrowed ID cards is widespread in Myanmar. This was also the case here as the worker confirmed that she applied with a fake (i.e. borrowed) ID Card. FWF concludes that there was no intentional child labour at the factory.

FWF introduced suggested remediation, which meant that the child worker would need to stop working and that the family be compensated for income. Education should be arranged until the child turns 16, at which point the worker could be reinstated if desired. A medical certificate of fitness would need to be arranged for all workers under 18. With the support of the brands, the factory has committed to the above remediation steps. FWF is monitoring the remediation and has also verified that certificates of fitness were arranged for all the young workers. The child worker expressed satisfaction with this solution.


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