Myanmar Complaint Salewa July 2017

Final report of complaint at a factory in Myanmar where Salewa has production – July 2017

On 11 July 2017, a complainant approached FWF claiming that the factory had recruited them on 22 May and then fired improperly on 06 July. The reasons the factory gave were: that the complainant had used a fake ID to become employed a first time. After the complainant had been made redundant, they returned to apply for work again even though there was a policy of not rehiring former employees.

The union leader present at the meeting, said the complainant was threatened with family members being fired from the factory if the terms of termination were not accepted. The factory gave the complainant notice compensation and the wages corresponding to the number of working days worked in July.

During an audit, the union leader reported the case to FWF, and this was discussed with factory management, who denied there was a non-rehiring policy, or having threatened a worker. The HR manager that FWF spoke to, however, said that there was a verbally communicated policy to not rehire former employees. Further, the HR manager said that the main problem was that the complainant had used a fake ID to get recruited in 2015, and the lie that this implied as the worker was underage.

However, since there is no written policy about not rehiring former employees, and the worker was able to submit a current and valid ID, FWF concluded that the reasons for dismissing the worker a second time did not hold, and the worker could be reinstated, with appropriate compensation.

FWF confirmed that the worker joined the factory on 22 September 2017, and the worker called FWF on 25 September 2017 and said that her terms and conditions of reinstatement were fulfilled. The union leaders are happy with the terms of the reinstatement.


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