Myanmar Complaint Takko June 2017 Final Report

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Myanmar supplying Takko

On 7 June 2017, FWF received a complaint from a leader from a production line who has been working at the factory for over a year. According to the complainant, the supervisor from the line frequently shouts and physically touches (slaps) workers in order to reprimand them for mistakes made. With the agreement from the Chinese manager, the supervisor deducts 1,000 – 2,000 kyats from each worker from the line whenever the respective line received a rejection from QC for their products.

On 19 June 2017, FWF got an update from the complainant. She was asked by the management to sign a warning letter for a complaint submitted by 13 workers. She was first asked to accept a demotion because she was told that she managed the workers in her line poorly. She refused to accept that option and asked the management to terminate her with the compensation if they would do it because she would lose her face.

FWF decided that the case is admissible on 07 June 2017. The FWF country representative and Takko local staff went to the factory on 21 June 2017 to investigate further. A total of 20 people were interviewed. The supervisor admitted that she patted the worker with anger because she made mistakes several times. Through the interviews, FWF concluded that some workers were indeed discriminated by the line leader.

Following the investigation, FWF suggested several specific points for remediation. In response, the factory manager told all the supervisors that verbal abuse and psychical touching to reprimand workers is not acceptable. In addition, it was confirmed that the issuing of monetary fines for making mistakes was stopped immediately by the supervisor. The line leader (the complainant) said that she is satisfied that the supervisor changed her behavior, and they can still work together. She would also take the responsibility for her mistakes, and improve for the better.


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