Nudie Jeans Performance Check 2014

Nudie Jeans Performance Check 2014

Nudie Jeans meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. More than 85% of Nudie Jeans’ total purchasing volume is sourced from low risk countries Italy and Portugal. This, in addition to high leverage at suppliers and the stable relationships with suppliers, gives the company a strong basis for effectively monitoring working conditions. Nudie Jeans has monitored nearly 100% of their 2013 purchasing volume and therefore meets FWF’s monitoring threshold.

Nudie Jeans systematically works towards resolution of corrective actions in all countries. Nudie Jeans activities go beyond FWF requirements in low risk countries. After an audit in India, remediation steps were taken and follow up is being closely monitored. The company has taken steps to increase wages at one supplier in India; an approach that is being implemented at other factories in their supply chain. Nudie Jeans can take steps towards analysing the root
causes of excessive overtime and how this relates to its own buying practices. Moreover, it can encourage more suppliers to take part in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme. Nudie Jeans developed a production guide in 2013 as part of their 100% transparency challenge. The production guide includes all suppliers with factory addresses and a summary of audit reports.


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