Nudie Jeans Performance Check 2016

Nudie Jeans Performance Check 2016

Nudie Jeans meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond some of them. 80% of Nudie Jeans’ total 2015 purchasing volume is sourced from low risk countries Italy and Portugal. Together with factories audited by FWF teams in Tunisia and India, Nudie Jeans has monitored 98% of its 2015 purchasing volume and therefore meets FWF’s monitoring threshold.

Nudie Jeans also have own staff in Portugal and Italy that are in close contact with the production locations in these countries. Moreover, Nudie Jeans also conducts audits in low risk countries, and in this way goes beyond the minimum requirements. The independent auditor has attended FWF seminars and uses the FWF reporting template. This, in addition to the high leverage at suppliers and the stable relationships with suppliers, gives Nudie Jeans a strong basis for
effectively monitoring and improving working conditions.

In 2015 Nudie Jeans adapted it’s production planning, that resulted in better forecasting and estimation of quantities. Nudie Jeans received feedback from suppliers that this facilitates their production planning, though it is too soon to see the actual impact on working hours/excessive overtime. Nudie Jeans can take further steps by anticipating local holidays when planning orders, to reduce excessive overtime.

The company has taken steps to increase wages at one supplier in India; an approach that is being implemented in a second factory in India as well. Nudie Jeans publishes a production guide as part of their 100% transparency challenge. The production guide includes all suppliers with factory addresses and a summary of audit results.

The member company is encouraged to further train local staff in Italy and agents in Turkey to monitor more closely monitor production locations in Tunisia and Turkey.


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