Nudie Jeans Performance Check 2017

Nudie Jeans Performance Check 2017

Nudie Jeans has shown advanced results on FWF performance indicators. With a monitoring percentage of 96% and a benchmarking score of 86, it remains in the ‘Leader’ category for the fourth year in a row.

In all countries including low-risk ones, Nudie Jeans cooperates with other clients that are using the same suppliers with regard to remediation on labour standards issues. During 2016, the brand has done so with several FWF members as well as other companies. Nudie Jeans shared its audits, updates on CAPs and encouraged other companies to join in its living wage efforts.

In 2016, Nudie Jeans organised audits (using the FWF audit methodology) in Portugal and Italy, covering about 30% FOB in low-risk countries. The company worked continuously on remediation of CAPs at suppliers that had an audit in previous years. Regarding low-risk countries factories, Nudie Jeans undertakes more monitoring activities than required by FWF. However, Nudie Jeans could not show signed questionnaires and pictures of the Worker Information Sheets for all factories it works with in low-risk countries as it is currently still collecting some of these, but visited all of them.

For these reasons, FWF used its discretionary power to include all low-risk production locations of Nudie Jeans in this performance check monitoring threshold, but expects full compliance for 2017.

To read more about the brand, visit the Nudie Jeans page on FWF’s website.


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