Nudie Jeans Performance Check 2018

Nudie Jeans has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With a monitoring percentage of 99% and a benchmarking score of 90, the company remains in the ‘Leader’ category for the fifth year in a row.

Nudie Jeans takes care to monitor all their production locations, including all subcontractors. The company has strong integrated systems in place to do due diligence before placing orders in factories, and to support reasonable working hours.

Nudie Jeans pays out their share of the living wage in one of their Indian suppliers, and since 2017 started to include a second Indian supplier in this project. This makes them one of the front runners in the industry. Nudie Jeans is continuously trying to increase the scale of these endeavors, by trying to involve other buyers. Their largest Tunisian supplier already pays out a living wage to most of its workers. A next step is to cooperate on raising the wages of the workers who do not earn a living wage yet. Nudie Jeans knows the living wage levels in the different Italian regions they source from. Further action would be to identify the gaps between wage levels at their Italian suppliers and the living wage benchmark and work towards the payment of a living wage.

Nudie Jeans is proactive on following up complaints, and where this involves suppliers shared with other FWF members, usually takes the lead. A next step would be to take more preventive action, for example by ensuring functioning HR, communication and grievance procedures at their suppliers.

Score: 90 Percentage under monitoring: 99 Category: Leader


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