Odd Molly Performance Check 2015

Odd Molly Performance Check 2015

Odd Molly meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. The company’s sourcing strategy is based on long-term relationships and it works with a stable supplier base. Given that Odd Molly is in process of expanding their product range, several new suppliers were selected in India and Portugal.

20% of Odd Molly’s 2014 purchasing volume comes from suppliers located in low risk countries. Together with the suppliers the company has audited the past years, it has reached a monitoring threshold of 87%. This is just below the 90% required of brands in 3+ years of membership; however, FWF has awarded a good rating. In light of Odd Molly’s confirmed plans to
conduct audits and WEP trainings in 2015, together with the concrete agreements the affiliate made to systematically follow up on corrective actions wit the buyers, FWF is confident the company will make important steps to ensure an effective monitoring system.

Due to lack of capacity, Odd Molly buyers were not sufficiently involved in following up after audits. The day after the performance check, FWF conducted a training for the buyers to enable them with more knowledge to support the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. For that reason, FWF expects Odd Molly to have a better integrated structure in 2015 for remediating findings after an audit.

In the future, Odd Molly should investigate the root causes of excessive overtime in factories. Odd Molly also needs to develop a pricing policy where the company knows the labour cost of garments. Odd Molly is encouraged to continue enrolling suppliers in the Workplace Education Programme.


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