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Odd Molly Performance Check 2017

Odd Molly has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. In 2016, Odd Molly monitored 87% of its production volume. This monitoring percentage, together with a benchmark score of 63, means FWF has awarded Odd Molly the ‘Good’ rating.

In 2016, Odd Molly focused on developing its CSR policy, which will be integrated throughout the company. Part of this policy is that Odd Molly aims to produce sustainable products, focusing on social and environmental standards, to empower women (‘Mollys’) around the world and to work with long-term partners internally and externally. This policy will be developed with more concrete activities and targets in 2017.

Odd Molly is a minor customer at most of its production locations. One of the reasons is that the company has started a number of new product groups in the past years and it takes time to build volume at these suppliers. This makes it difficult to monitor suppliers and actively follow up on and remediate findings related to overtime and wages. FWF recommends Odd Molly to consolidate its supplier base where possible, limiting the number of production locations where it buys less than 2% of total FOB and increasing production at locations where it buys more than 10% of production capacity. It is advised to evaluate the process of consolidation as part of the sourcing strategy.

In 2016, Odd Molly improved its due diligence process, not only looking at specific production locations but also analysing country-specific risks. Also, Odd Molly improved its internal system to ensure suppliers sign and return questionnaires and post the Code of Labour Practices.

Benchmarking score: 63, % under monitoring: 87, Category: Good


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