Odd Molly Performance Check 2018

Odd Molly has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. The company has conducted seven audits in 2017, contributing to a monitoring percentage of
90%. This, combined with a benchmark score of 58, leads to FWF awarding Odd Molly a ‘Good’ rating.

In 2017, Odd Molly showed that its adjusted supplier agreement process worked. It started production at 17 new production locations and all had returned the questionnaire and posted the worker information sheet. Also, Odd Molly started to discuss the possibility to start a living wage project with one of its suppliers. This will be ongoing in 2018.

This year’s benchmark score of 58 is lower than last year (63) and this is due to limited progress on purchasing practices, specifically related to production planning and analysing root causes of excessive overtime. FWF recommends Odd Molly to be more explicit in its commitment to its suppliers in order for them to reserve production capacity for the brand. If there is uncertainty with suppliers they are more likely to agree to all available orders and book more than they have capacity for. Also, FWF expect Odd Molly to more actively respond to findings of payment below legal minimum wage.


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