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Today – 16 November – websites around the world will go dark, out of protest and solidarity. Protest against the powers and forces that limit our universal liberties and silence us. And in solidarity with activists, human rights defenders who stand up for these freedoms. Sometimes paying with the ultimate price - their lives.

Join us in action today – go to and see what you can do.


ODLO Performance Check 2013

ODLO Performance Check 2013

ODLO is in the process of implementing FWF’s requirements. 74.5% of the company’s total turnover was audited. As a FWF member for more than 5 years, ODLO has not reached the monitoring threashold of 90%. ODLO is expected to improve its monitoring practice in 2013 to monitor at least 90% of its total turnover. ODLO has participated in a FWF project together with other outdoor companies to assess the impact of hypothetical increases towards living wage benchmarks. ODLO has an efficient system to implement CAPs at factory level. ODLO engages highly with other FWF affiliates when sourcing at the same production site. ODLO is recommended to enhance activities with regard to trainings and capacity building.


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