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ODLO Performance Check 2014

ODLO Performance Check 2014

ODLO is in the process of implementing FWF’s requirements. 80% of the company’s total turnover was covered by their monitoring system, which is short of the 90% required for brands at 3+years of membership. ODLO is required to increase its monitoring to cover at least 90% of its total turnover by the 2015 Brand Performance Check. As a consequence, ODLO has received a “Needs Improvement” rating.

While some systems appear to be well-managed, during the performance check, ODLO was unable to document a number of activities which resulted in a lower score than they might have otherwise achieved. ODLO has stated a desire to improve to Leader status; in order to reach that goal FWF encourages ODLO to make additional investments in their documentation systems, monitoring systems, and remediation activities. ODLO has participated in a FWF project together with other outdoor companies to assess the impact of hypothetical increases towards living wage benchmarks.

Due to the change of ending of ODLO’s financial year, this Brand Performance Check covers the period 1. January 2013 to 30 July 2014 (18 months).



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