ODLO Performance Check 2016

ODLO Performance Check 2016

ODLO meets most of FWFs management system requirements and goes beyond several. At 90%, ODLO’s monitoring percentage meets the 90% monitoring threshold required for members beyond their third year of membership.

ODLO has long-lasting relationships with most suppliers and owns two production sites in Romania and Portugal. This, as well as a high leverage at most suppliers, allows effective work on implementing FWF’s Code of Labour Practices.

A strong monitoring system and due diligence process enables ODLO to identify and address risks and non-compliances in their supply chain. ODLO’s production planning system supports reasonable working hours, yet challenges remain to reduce excessive overtime hours at shared suppliers. In countries where FWF offers its Workplace Education Programme, two thirds of ODLO’s suppliers have participated (by production volume).

FWF encourages ODLO to strengthen efforts toward increasing wage levels. For its own production site in Romania, ODLO has looked further into possibilities to implement a living wage project, but a final decision has not been taken yet. With production sites that are not owned by ODLO, the company discusses the topic regularly during supplier visits, but ODLO has not yet started to systematically agree with suppliers to work towards higher wage benchmarks.


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