Ortovox performance check 2016

ORTOVOX Performance Check 2016

With a monitoring threshold of 92 %, ORTOVOX goes well beyond the 40% threshold required for first year members. ORTOVOX also meets most of FWFs management system requirements. A sourcing strategy that focuses on partnerships with suppliers and long-term relationships allows ORTOVOX to work effectively on improving labour conditions in their supply chain.

ORTOVOX has a thorough monitoring system as well as a production planning in place that support reasonable working hours and a profound understanding of their responsibilities in implementing the FWF Code of Labour Practices. As ORTOVOX is a growing company with an expanding supplier base, FWF recommends ORTOVOX to ensure their existing systems are able to accommodate future growth. FWF also encourages ORTOVOX to work on systematically increasing wage levels at their suppliers. To enhance understanding of workers and management of the relevant labour standards, ORTOVOX should motivate additional suppliers to participate in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.


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