Ortovox Performance Check 2018

Ortovox has shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. In their third year of membership the company has increased its monitoring percentage from 88 % to 99 %, through using external audit reports in countries where FWF is not active and fulfilling monitoring requirements for low-risk countries. Based on this monitoring percentage, combined with a benchmark score of 78, FWF has awarded Ortovox the Leader category.

In the past financial year the company has further developed its CSR strategy and improved the position of the CSR department in the company, making it a more integral part of the organisation. This means that CSR, and FWF requirements specifically, are included in different people’s activities, such as the production planning, sourcing and financial department.

Ortovox values its relationships with suppliers. It has three main suppliers in Europe (Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary) accounting for 45% of FOB and as the company is growing Ortovox cooperates with these suppliers to look for alternative production locations as part of these suppliers’ network to expand and strengthen the relationship.

While the company focuses on expanding its production in Europe FWF recommends Ortovox to continue its remediation activities in Asia, specifically related to excessive overtime. Also, FWF recommends Ortovox to get clearer insight into the relationship between buying prices and wages, for example, by documenting labour minutes per style. This way Ortovox will be able to better address the topic of living wages in the coming years.


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