Outdoor & Sports Performance Check 2014


Outdoor & Sports Company (OSC) meets most of FWFs management system requirements. With a current monitoring percentage of 56%, it is just below the monitoring threshold required for affiliates after a second performance check. Due to OSC moving its financial year from July-June to January-December, it has 6 months less time to meet the required threshold.

As OSC scores well within the Good category and has plans in place to meet the monitoring threshold, FWF has awarded a Good rating.

When it comes to purchasing practices, OSC has the elements in place to work effectively towards the improvement of working conditions by eg. making sure the Code of Labour Practices is kept posted in all factories and by maintaining or extending lead times. More complex issues such as overtime and wage levels will take more time, and OSC is committed to improvement for these elements as well.

In terms of monitoring, OSC follows up its audits effectively and has a system to discuss and update corrective actions during factory visits. In addition, it also organized one WEP training session at a supplier and is advised to enroll more suppliers in the coming years.

It received and, in cooperation with the supplier, resolved 1 complaint in 2013.


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