Outdoor & Sports Performance Check 2017

OSC has shown advanced results on FWF performance indicators. With a monitoring percentage of 91% and a benchmarking score of 76, it remains in the Leader category for the second year in a row.
Concerning the mitigation of overtime, OSC always has a discussion with factories about the former season’s production run and works to see what can be done to improve the process. In 2016, it continued to address the problem of late materials deliveries from Japan and made design and production decisions to make sure that fabric would be on time for further production steps. Also, in order to reduce overtime issues, never out of stock and best-sellers items productions are planned ahead. Furthermore, once samples are approved there will be no further changes to the products designs. OSC asked all the factories to print and distribute a copy of the Code of Labour Practices to each worker in order to increase their awareness about their rights and the worker helpline. In general, OSC is aware of wage levels on a country level. Target pricing levels are established based on past levels and in negotiation with the supplier. In 2015, OSC had started an open costing process for a number of its styles, and in 2016, OSC made a study on legal minimum wages at factory level for a number of suppliers. However, this is not yet sufficient to be able to ensure the payment of at least legal minimum wages as CMT costs are not precisely known.

Score: 76, % under monitoring: 91, Category: Leader


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