PAPTEX Performance Check 2017

PAPTEX Performance Check 2017

Paptex has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. The company joined Fair Wear Foundation in 2016, so this is the first Brand Performance Check. Paptex audited two production locations in 2016, accounting for 71% of its monitoring threshold. This, together with a benchmark score of 48, resulted in FWF awarding a ‘good’ rating.

Paptex greatly values long-term partnerships with its customers and its suppliers. The brand has worked with most of its suppliers for over five years and tries to cooperate whenever problems arise. Paptex visits its larger suppliers several times a year, often taking customers along on these trips. In 2016, when Paptex joined FWF, the company sent information about this to all customers. Paptex has also reprinted the FWF brochure, sharing this in their two stores.

Lastly, Paptex communicated about FWF through local media. During the Brand Performance Check it became apparent that, for Paptex, the main focus for the coming year needs to be on developing systematic approaches and policies, in order to better implement the Code of Labour Practices at its production locations. Specifically, Paptex is required to ensure production location information is correct and updated regularly and that all production locations sign and return the questionnaire and post the Worker Information Sheet.


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