Picture Organic Performance Check 2019

Picture has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a monitoring threshold of 86% using external audit reports and a score of 46, the member is in the ‘Good’ category.

Picture sources most of its products from two main suppliers: one located in China and one in Turkey. In its last financial year, the member consolidated its supply chain. However, it sources in quite a variety of countries, and thus still needs to pay close attention to its due diligence process.

In its second year of membership, Picture was still working on gathering all the correct sourcing information, including that of subcontractors. Picture made improvements on its requirements by creating a Syrian refugee policy for Turkey. A FWF audit was conducted at the Chinese supplier, but because accurate working hours and wages data could not be collected, a lot of work remains to be done regarding legal minimum wage and living wage indicators.

Picture releases its factory list on its website, which good practice in terms of transparency. In the coming year, the member needs to explain FWF’s mission and methodology to both of its main suppliers in order to start working on CAPs.


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