Romania Complaint BP, Living Crafts and Hessnatur November 2016

Final report of a complaint in Romania where Bierbaum-Proenen, Living Crafts and hessnatur have production – November 2016

According to the complainant, production targets lead to work stress. Also, workers were requested to work on Saturdays, but only asked one week beforehand. Moreover, their pay slips did not clearly state their records regarding overtime, leave and bonus, which made it difficult to calculate real wages. This is made worse since human resources is actually outsourced so workers cannot inquire about their payment very easily.

The audit conducted by a FWF team concluded that workers perform overtime hours on Saturdays within legal limits. The audit confirms that workers were asked one week before if they could perform overtime hours on Saturdays. The overtime hours and productivity bonuses of workers are posted in the factory. Wage records do represent overtime hours, annual leaves and bonuses. Salary calculations and administration of attendance lists, pay slips and so on is done internally.

FWF recommends all FWF Members sourcing in the factory, to investigate how the production planning set by the German mother company has an impact on the production pressure in the factory. With regard to stress at work, the current situation should be further assessed, root causes analysed and improvements agreed upon. This may include a procedure for involving the workers in setting realistic production targets.

The complainant decided to resign. The termination of the individual employment contract of the complainant with the factory was confirmed by the involved parties.


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