Romania Complaint ODLO October 2017

Intermediate report of a complaint at a factory in Romania where ODLO has production – October 2017

In February 2017, a former employee at the factory stated that the situation did not support good working conditions and could even violate labour rights. Specifically, turnover was high experienced employees were given extra workload without extra time allocation or a wage increase. Further, there was cronyism instead of hiring qualified personnel. Workers were also discouraged from registering for medical leave. Finally, it was alleged that verbal abuse occurred on a daily basis.

An on-site investigation was carried out by ODLO in May. The investigation found that the workload of experienced workers had continued to increase since 2014, without overtime payment or compensation. A new CBA was negotiated with more restrictive rules. According to the factory management the lack of qualified personnel that drives hiring choices; from the investigation it appears that there was no consultation with worker representation when there was a restructuring of the company. Practices of cronyism were not found. Regarding medical leave, the main issue found was the structuring of rest leave during low season periods, and without consultation with worker representatives; this led to workers using medical leave in lieu of rest. Finally, workers confirmed instances of verbal abuse, and threats of losing their jobs. It became clear that internal communication channels are not working, and that standards for safe working conditions are not met.

FWF recommends Odlo to create an overview of the findings and discuss measures with factory management to improve the situation. A verification audit will be planned in 2018 to verify the complaint.


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