ROOTS for Safety B.V. Performance Check 2016

ROOTS for Safety Performance Check 2016

Roots for safety B.V. (hereafter: Roots for Safety) met most of FWF’s requirement on implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. With a monitoring percentage of 95%, it met FWF’s required monitoring threshold of 90% for members in their third year of membership.

Roots for Safety’s sourcing practices supports preventing and reducing excessive overtime at the suppliers. The company has developed an automated production forecasting system. The system contributes to preventing excessive overtime at the suppliers.

Nearly 90% of Roots for Safety’s production value is made in China. Roots for Safety has a local office in China, which conducts monitoring visits and discusses followups on audit reports. Roots for Safety has sufficiently followed up on Corrective Action Plans.

In 2016, Roots for Safety should increase its efforts to identify, register and audit all production locations in China and Romania. Roots for safety should require all its suppliers to post FWF’s workers information sheets. In addition, Roots for Safety could invite more suppliers to join the Workplace Education Programme.

Check the Roots for Safety FWF page for the latest information.

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