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Today – 16 November – websites around the world will go dark, out of protest and solidarity. Protest against the powers and forces that limit our universal liberties and silence us. And in solidarity with activists, human rights defenders who stand up for these freedoms. Sometimes paying with the ultimate price - their lives.

Join us in action today – go to and see what you can do.


ROOTS for Safety B.V. Performance Check 2014

ROOTS for Safety B.V. Performance Check 2014

In its first year of FWF membership, Roots has met most of FWF’s management system requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 74%, it also meets the required monitoring percentage.

Roots has relatively few suppliers, allowing it to focus its monitoring and remediation efforts on these suppliers. Although it made a good start in 2013, FWF encourages Roots to continue in its efforts to integrate social compliance into its standard business practices.




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