ROOTS for Safety B.V. Performance Check 2017

ROOTS for Safety Performance Check 2017

ROOTS for Safety has met most of FWF’s performance requirements on the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. ROOTS for Safety has monitored 99% of their supply chain, which meets FWF’s required monitoring threshold of 80% for members in their third+ year of membership.

ROOTS for Safety has an in-depth production planning system in place that allows them to very accurately forecast their production orders, which supports preventing and reducing excessive overtime at their suppliers. This automated system has allowed them to reduce the amount of rushed orders placed at their suppliers over the last few years.

Over 90% of ROOTS for Safety’s production is sourced in China, where they have a local office, including a Production Manager. This Production Manager and his team visit the suppliers almost weekly, including the subcontractors of their main supplier. These visits allow them to follow up on and discuss Corrective Action Plans with factory management.

In 2017, ROOTS for Safety should work on developing a system for evaluating suppliers compliance and progress on Code of Labour Practices and integrate this into its decision-making process on supplier performance. At the main supplier in China, ROOTS for Safety should work on ensuring workers are aware of the Code of Labour Practices, by encouraging this supplier to participate in a WEP training, or other training. Additionally, ROOTS for Safety should work towards a demonstrable pricing policy, including knowing the labour-minute costing of garments and the direct labour costs paid by their suppliers.

Read more about the company in the ROOTS for Safety company page.


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