SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country Performance Check 2018

SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country has shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. By monitoring 97% of its supply chain via FWF audits, external audits and monitoring in low-risk countries, SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country exceeds the monitoring requirements for member brands. With a benchmarking score of 80, SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country remain in the Leader category for 2017.

SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country has put into place efficient and systematic processes for doing due diligence on its suppliers both prior to starting production and once a partnership has started. Monitoring of progress on corrective action plans is systematic and detailed, and the CSR department engages with all levels of the organisation to ensure a high level of knowledge and commitment to the code of labour practices.

In 2017 SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country began to do a root cause analysis of overtime at its suppliers. Although a good start, the information has not proved to be as valuable as hoped and FWF recommends that SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country continue working with its suppliers to identify and improve excessive overtime.

SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country has created costing sheets for all styles in order to gain a better understanding of the labour costs of its products, however currently is not aware of the labour minutes required to make each style. SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country has not made progress with its suppliers on movement towards a living wage and is recommended to begin working on this with key suppliers.

Score: 80
Percentage under monitoring: 97%
Categorie: Leader


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