Salewa Performance Check 2015

Salewa Performance Check 2015

SALEWA & DYNAFIT meets most of FWFs management system requirements. In its second year of membership, it reached a monitoring percentage of 78%, which is well above the required 60% for a member affiliate in its first of FWF membership.

In 2014, SALEWA & DYNAFIT put significant effort into the remediation of audit findings. It also worked to improve its production planning system and started work on collecting wage data on a factory and style level.

In 2015, a 90% monitoring threshold must be achieved, and this requires effective planning. FWF encourages SALEWA & DYNAFIT to continue its efforts in CAP remediation and root cause analysis, especially for more difficult issues related to overtime and wage levels. SALEWA & DYNAFIT is also encouraged to enroll more of its suppliers in the WEP training programme.


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