Salewa Performance Check 2016

Salewa Performance Check 2016

In 2015, SALEWA & DYNAFIT meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. With a benchmarking score of 71, it is well within the Good category.

However, its monitoring percentage of 87% is below the required 90% threshold after three years of membership. Due to the fact that its score of 71 is well within the Good category, and that the monitoring threshold is not significantly below the required 90%, FWF exercises its discretionary power to award SALEWA & DYNAFIT with a Good classification.

SALEWA & DYNAFIT continued to make progress on establishing an effective due diligence system for (new) production locations. A number of suppliers, however, placed production at locations that were not previously known to or approved by SALEWA & DYNAFIT. For this reason, effective due diligence on a production location level was not conducted and a significant number of new suppliers did not sign and return the Code of Labour Practices before first orders were placed. To mitigate this, SALEWA & DYNAFIT put significant effort into collecting full external audit reports, assessing the quality, and following up on them in a systematic manner. This allowed SALEWA & DYNAFIT to come very close to reaching the required monitoring threshold.

In terms of wage levels, SALEWA & DYNAFIT took a significant step by having costing information for all of its apparel styles. This lays the groundwork for gaining more insight into the relation between labour costs as quoted by the supplier and the wage levels of workers.

FWF encourages SALEWA & DYNAFIT to continue its work on remediation and monitoring, and research innovative ways to make progress on overtime and wage levels.


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