Salewa Performance Check 2017

Salewa Performance Check 2017

In 2016, OberAlp Group with brands SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With a monitoring percentage of 93%, reached using FWF audits and external audits approved by FWF according to its guidelines, it has achieved the required monitoring threshold for companies that have been a member longer than three years. In addition, SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country has
achieved a benchmarking score of 79, placing it in the Leader category.

In 2016, Wild Country joined FWF as part of the OberAlp Group’s FWF membership. All three brands share the same social compliance and sustainability strategy and program, and are therefore evaluated together.

In terms of sourcing, SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country has made significant progress in conducting due diligence, ensuring that production takes place at known production locations and organising its order placement and follow up in such a way that contributes to improved social compliance. This process has also led to substantial consolidation of production locations, potentially facilitating the social compliance monitoring process. When it comes to monitoring
and complaints handling, SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country has a well-developed system in place to follow up on audits and complaints, as well as work on root cause analysis and remediation of more difficult labour standards. Where possible, it seeks out active collaboration with other FWF brands stakeholders in terms of CAP and complaint remediation.

SALEWA, DYNAFIT & Wild Country is encouraged to maintain its advanced level of CAP remediation, being sure to document it. Its initial work on living wage implementation also needs to be further developed, tested, and, where possible, implemented into its regular production practices.

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