Sandqvist Performance Check 2017

Sandqvist showed advanced results on FWF performance indicators. The brand monitored 87% of its production volume in 2016, which is well above the 40% requirement for the first year of membership. Sandqvist’s benchmarking score is 70, placing the company in the Good category.
Sandqvist has a long-term relationship and vital leverage at its main suppliers, which allows good knowledge of production processes, and the possibility to work closely with them in order to implement FWF Code of Labour Practices. Sandqvist discusses findings on Corrective Action Plans with its suppliers and follows up with meetings on Skype. At least once annually (but usually more), Sandqvist also meets in person with factories managers, at either the production locations and/or at Sandqvist’s headquarters.
In order to raise awareness about the existence and function of FWF’s worker hotline, Sandqvist can stimulate its suppliers to participate in WEP training programmes.

Score: 70 Percentage under monitoring: 87% Category: Good


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