Schijvens Performance Check 2016

Schijvens Performance Check 2016

Schijvens meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 98% and a score of 73, Schijvens was able to strengthen its position compared to last year. In the past financial year, Schijvens put effort into maintaining its required monitoring threshold by making use of FWF audits where possible and using external audits where this was not possible. For these external audits, the quality of the audits was assessed and corrective action plans were drafted and monitored. Schijvens also ensured active follow-up for all of its audits. In addition, Schijvens actively aims to get information regarding wages from factories in countries not covered by the FWF wageladder.

The past financial year Schijvens continued to consolidate its supplier base, focusing on suppliers that share Schijvens’ vision regarding sustainable production. FWF encourages Schijvens to continue with its efforts related to CAP remediation. Visits to the production locations should help with the remediation process, especially when it comes to the more complex issues such as wages, working hours and freedom of association. Finally, FWF also encourages Schijvens to continue its WEP training sessions as well as its efforts in linking its tendering process with production costs and workers’ wages.


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