Schijvens Performance Check 2018

Schijvens Confectiefabriek Hilvarenbeek has shown advanced progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Its monitoring threshold of 100%, combined with a benchmark score of 86, means that FWF has awarded Schijvens the ‘Leader’ rating.

In the past financial year Schijvens has actively incorporated recommendations made by Fair Wear Foundation during the last performance check, regarding analysing the root causes of excessive overtime and organising training. Also, Schijvens has worked on stabilising and consolidating its supply chain over the past years, which shows in percentages on leverage and its decreased supply chain tail-end.

In the past financial year Schijvens started to use recycled materials, which means they got a closer relationship with their fabric suppliers allowing them to have better insight in the production process. In addition, Schijvens has taken on FWF’s recommendation and has started to actively approach other customers sourcing at the same production location to address the topic of overtime. FWF recommends Schijvens to keep monitoring overtime and continue to discuss the topic with its suppliers. Ultimately, FWF would like to see these efforts reflected in audit results.

In the past financial year Schijvens managed to increase wages at one of its production locations in Turkey. This effort was awarded with FWF’s Best Practice award. In addition, the company has started a similar project in its production location in Pakistan, where the first step of tracking labour minutes, is on its way.

FWF recommends Schijvens to further extend its living wage efforts to encompass all its production.


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