Schoeffel Performance Check 2014

Schöffel Performance Check 2014

Schöffel meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. 93% of its 2013 production volume has been audited, trained or is located in low-risk countries, meeting the 90% threshold for brands in the third year of membership.

In 2013 several changes happened simultaneously at Schöffel which have affected implementation of some FWF requirements regarding purchasing practices, monitoring and remediation. There have been some changes in staff in the CSR and purchasing departments, and a major production site stopped cooperation with the company. This resulted in the additional of several new production sites to Schöffel’s supplier base.

Following these changes, Schöffel has demonstrated solid progress in the last months of the past financial year, and appears to be on track for more stable supplier relationships and internal processes in 2014.



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